Microminiature CTCSS Encoder


Powered by 5-28 VDC, unregulated @ 6.3 ma.
Low impedance (15K ohms), low distortion adjustable sinewave output, 0 to 2V.
Frequency accuracy +/- .025 Hz maximum over -30° C to +65° C temperature range.
Start-up time less than 10 ms.
Squelch tail elimination of 175 ms reverse phase burst followed by 175 ms of no tone.
Totally immune to RF.



Compatible with all sub-audible CTCSS systems.
Microminiature in size: .66" x 1.08" x .21" high to fit inside most handhelds.
64 tones from 33.0 Hz to 254.1 Hz, crystal controlled for high accuracy and stability.
Mini 6 position Dip Switch to select desired tones.
Multiple tone switching can be easily handled by using diodes and a single pole switch.
Built in Reverse Burst option with Transmit Time-Out Timer.
Full 1 year warranty when returned to the factory for repair.
Immediate 1 day delivery.

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14 Jan 1998

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